Tarzan Goes to India + Tarzan’s Three Challenges 02/12/19

The Warner Archive Collection

Jock Mahoney was the umpteenth actor to play the Lord of the Jungle, and is on record as the oldest Tarzan, leaping and slugging his way through two feature films at age 44. In Tarzan Goes to India he fights burly Leo Gordon to save 300 elephants from drowning. Then it’s off to Thailand for Tarzan’s Three Challenges and its grueling series of endurance and skill rituals, climaxing in a battle with Thai Chieftain Woody Strode. It sounds like a lot of wear and tear on the old Tarz-carcass; why couldn’t Mahoney be cast in Tarzan Relaxes on the Beach?   Reviewer Charlie Largent does the honors on this one; I remember seeing Three Challenges at age 12, and thinking it pretty intense. Separate purchases on Blu-ray from The Warner Archive Collection.