Slave of the Cannibal God 08/01/20

Code Red

…or Mountain of the Cannibal God or maybe Prisoner of the Cannibal God. Too many timeless classics are unavailable in decent condition, whereas this cannibal exploitation shocker looks incredibly good on Blu-ray. Sergio Martino graces the grimy, sadistic cannibal subgenre with pricey Sri Lanka locations and big stars. The wild-card maverick Stacy Keach is on hand, along with the very brave Ursula Andress, who is stripped naked and transformed into a living Orange Julius treat: let’s just see Bo Derek try to top that!  Is it any good?  The jury’s still out. Will you wonder how it ever got made?  I think the answer is yes. The intrepid Charlie Largent made sure his cannibal insurance was paid up before reviewing this gruesome epic — which contains two versions of the film plus a Stacy Keach interview… or maybe confession?  On Blu-ray from Code Red.