Room For One More 01/30/21

The Warner Archive Collection

Cary Grant and co-star/missus Betsy Drake do honor to the ‘family’ picture genre — this filmic boost to child foster programs offers a positive message, avoids most clichés and generates sly fun as well. What we see resembles real life, even if Cary Grant should never be shown washing dishes. Betsy Drake’s take-charge mother sets family policy  as she opts to take in first one, and then two foster children. It’s also the film debut of little George Winslow, before he picked up the ‘Foghorn’ nickname. Plus a cute dog and some kittens that offer a sex education lesson.  The recent biography of Cary Grant should renew interest in this entertaining and socially admirable show. It’s warm & fuzzy yet not at all saccharine. On Blu-ray from The Warner Archive Collection.