Red Skelton’s ‘Whistling’ Collection 04/27/19

The Warner Archive Collection

Who is The Fox? “I am the…” ¬†Actually, comedian Red Skelton is The Fox, a top practitioner of the noble profession ‘radio detective,’ or amateur crime buster. Charlie Largent takes on the equally noble mission of reviewing the three Skelton ‘Whistling’ movies: Whistling in the Dark, Whistling in Dixie and Whistling in Brooklyn. Skelton’s amiable antics as The Fox are aided and abetted by good sport Ann Rutherford and second banana laugh-getter Rags Ragland, and spiced up with contributions by Conrad Veidt, Eve Arden, Sam Levene and the Brooklyn Dodgers. All directed by S. Sylvan Simon. Is Red Skelton’s comic filmography due for a big comeback? I’ll be curious to read Charlie’s verdict on this pressing issue of the day. On DVD from The Warner Archive Collection.