Paramount Scares Collection Vol. 1 – 4K 10/21/23

Paramount Pictures
4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital

Paramount’s contribution to Halloween ’23 — and its signal of support for hard video media — comes in the form of this horror gift box with five very different flavors of Scary: Rosemary’s Baby,  Pet Sematary,  Crawl,  Smile and a  ‘mystery title’ we’ve been asked not to reveal. All are in 4K with Digital codes; three include Blu-ray copies of the features. The takings range across a bona fide classic, to a Stephen King adaptation, a ‘nature run amuck’ survival epic, a haunting, darker-than-dark conceptual shocker, and a muphlepylammerpough … ptooey … why didn’t the last part of that sentence get through? Yep, they’re thinking gift, what with the fancy box presentation and extra goodies. On 4K Ultra HD + (partial) Blu-ray + Digital from Paramount Home Entertainment.