Monstrosity (The Atomic Brain) 02/04/20

Moth Inc.

How can a ‘Z’ horror production so completely absorb the thoughts of this ex- film student? ┬áThis maladroit 1963 monster mash can’t even tell when it’s doing something good. A capable cast gives their all to a marginal production that, re-titled as The Atomic Brain, became a staple on late-nite TV, where it worked better than a sleeping pill. For extras, the quality disc production taps the one mortal willing to research this film’s murky depths: who else but Tom Weaver, whose original interview research actually makes sense of this screwy picture. Well, a little sense, at least. Recommended to the legions of fans of Marjorie Eaton and Frank Gerstle; don’t forget the woman who behaves like a cat, after Doctor Franks’ first cat-to-human brain transplant — we can still get your name on the list to be the second! On Blu-rayfrom Moth Inc..