Journeys Through French Cinema 03/27/21

Cohen Media Group

Bertrand Tavernier breaks the barrier between fans of European movies and 101 classic French pictures that most of us never got a look at. It’s an eight-hour film clip excerpt round up, but the key is the hosting-curatorship of Tavernier — the fascinating miniseries has plenty to offer people that have never seen an old French movie, as well as fans that have seen some but want to know more about┬áthem. He’s a great storyteller, rounding up his favorite underrated / great directors, actors, composers, and relating them to major events in history (there was this 5-year occupation, see…). He’s also a genius at picking clips — all are riveting, none are spoilers, and you’ll come out learning fifty new French words. Highly, highly recommended. With Danielle Darrieux, Jean Gabin, Louis Jouvet, and 200 great personalities you didn’t know existed. On Blu-ray from Cohen Media Group.