Jivaro 03/09/19

KL Studio Classics
3-D Blu-ray

Verily, Blu-ray 3-D is better than most theatrical 3-D!  Paramount’s fourth and last 3-D production went out to theaters only in 2-D, so for all practical terms this Kino/3D Archive restoration is a depth-format premiere. Expect a kissing scene or two: lusty Fernando (¿Quién es más macho?) Lamas and demure Rhonda Fleming succumb to the sweaty allure of the tropics. He pushes the sex appeal more than she does!  Together they take a 3-D trek to where the headhunters roam, into a jungle to secure a golden treasure. With Brian Keith, Lon Chaney Jr., Richard Denning, Rita Moreno, and Marvin Miller. On 3-D Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.