Ida Lupino Filmmaker Collection 10/08/19

KL Studio Classics

More than a movie star: America’s one female Hollywood director working in the 1950s receives a four-title boxed set well worth the investment — one noir mini-masterpiece is accompanied by a pair of independent social issue movies better than what the studios were turning out. It’s all thanks to Lupino’s fine dramatic direction. She emphasizes basic human values: cooperation over competition, and interior conflict. Her company ‘The Filmmakers’ lasted only about six years, but as an independent experiment it consistently turned out ‘special’ pictures anybody could be proud of. The four features included are the ‘social problem’ features Not Wanted and Never Fear with Sally Forrest, the excellent film noir thriller The Hitch-Hiker, and The Bigamist, in which Edmond O’Brien finds himself married to both Ida Lupino and Joan Fontaine. In his dreams! ¬†On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.