Hammer Volume Two: Criminal Intent 03/06/18

Indicator UK
All-Region Blu-ray

Reviewer Charlie Largent turns his pen toward a quartet of Hammer Films’ efforts to corner the crime thriller market on UK screens. The Snorkel and The Full Treatment (Stop Me Before I Kill) are Jimmy Sangster potboilers not without points of interest, but the others are two of the finest efforts ever from the Boys at Bray. Peter Cushing delivers one of his best film performances in Cash on Demand, a nail-biting, twisty heist thriller. And Never Take Sweets from a Stranger is an intelligent, mature yet chilling look at the taboo issue of child molestation. One doesn’t remember that it’s a Hammer film until the terrifying conclusion begins to close in. The imports are Region-A compatible, happily, on Blu-ray from Powerhouse Indicator UK.