Giants and Toys 05/25/21

Arrow Video

Yasuzo Masumura’s message is a shout: unfettered consumer capitalism is cannibalism, plain and simple. The radical director’s scathing, savage satire of the Tokyo’s ‘Mad Men’ advertising scene sees desperate ad men creating a fresh new star celebrity to promote their product, only for the rampant cutthroat competition to shatter careers, fortunes and basic human values. Masumura’s brilliant cinematic onslaught is at least ten years ahead of its time, in design, direction, writing and music — the movie outpaces American comedies about Succeeding in Business, recognizing that the tyranny of commercial media trashes the quality of life itself. Arrow’s Blu-ray has the informed and insightful extras that ask the important question: how can one movie get its complicated subject so completely right?. On Blu-ray from Arrow Video.