Film Noir the Dark Side of Cinema VIII 07/19/22

KL Studio Classics

Kino reaches into the Universal Vault for vintage Paramount and Universal thrillers. This ‘noir’ collection surprises us — it contains one terrific example of the noir style, newly-hatched and making itself known. The other two titles are in B&W (check), and revolve around murders (check). But if there were a TV quiz show called ‘Noir or Not Noir,’ they’d measure up as third-tier also-rans. The talent on view is impressive, especially the leading ladies: Claire Trevor, Louise Platt, Merle Oberon, Ella Raines, and Gale Sondergaard. Kino appoints Street of Chance, Enter Arsene Lupin, and Temptation with good commentators: Jason A. Ney, Anthony Slide, Kelly Robinson. On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.