Film Noir The Dark Side of Cinema II 05/26/20

KL Studio Classics

Although only one of these 1950s B&W thrillers falls within a mile of a hard definition of film noir, all give us glamorous actresses in interesting roles. Claudette Colbert takes her turn at playing a nun in Thunder on the Hill, a whodunnit in a convent during a flood disaster. Merle Oberon tries a femme fatale role in the complicated The Price of Fear. Hedy Lamarr does very well for herself as a man-hungry movie star in the inside-Hollywood drama The Female Animal. Kino gives all three excellent transfers, and one comes with an appropriately gossipy audio commentary. Also starring Ann Blyth, Lex Barker, Jane Powell and George Nader. On Blu-rayfrom KL Studio Classics.