East of Eden 4K 08/01/23

Warner Bros.
4K Ultra HD + Digital

Elia Kazan hits 4K with an extras-lean but visually stunning edition of this early CinemaScope feature, now rated ‘PG.’ It’s James Dean’s first and best starring role, and with Kazan in charge the actors push the ‘drama’ accelerator to the floor. It still holds up, with top-billed Julie Harris doing everything Dean does, but effortlessly and with no strings showing. Raymond Massey, Richard Davalos, Burl Ives and Albert Dekker are 100% solid. The great Jo Van Fleet is even moreso — she takes control of any film in which she appears. The classic adapts only a few chapters of John Steinbeck’s massive novel for an emotionally satisfying experience. On 4K Ultra HD + Digital Code from WB.