Dementia 13 Director’s Cut 09/21/21


One of the best director debuts of the 1960s is Francis Coppola’s earnest effort to deliver a marketable thriller to producer Roger Corman, a gory, sexy horror show that will get past the censor. The 21-year-old student filmmaker comes through in high style. The spirited tale of axe murders on an Irish estate brings back a time when a talented beginner could hit a $40,000 movie out of the park. It’s been reconstituted to Coppola’s preferred cut after sixty years in Public Domain purgatory, and he provides a new commentary that will please his fans as well as lovers of the horror genre. With a great cast, too: William Campbell, Luana Anders, Bart Patton, Mary Mitchel and Patrick Magee. On Blu-ray from Vestron-Lionsgate.