Dawn of the Dead 12/12/20

Second Sight (U.K.)
Region B Blu-ray

Remember the old saying, ‘I’ll be Gore for Christmas’? ┬áLee Broughton returns with a review of a mammoth limited edition box set dedicated to George A. Romero’s gut-wrenching zombie apocalypse opus, the grand and gory-ous first sequel to Night of the Living Dead. Fine performances from a quartet of unfamiliar lead actors, hordes of malevolent zombies convincingly brought to life by hundreds of local volunteers, groundbreaking make-up and special effects by Tom Savini and a wholly involving storyline combine to make Romero’s finely crafted horror show a real winner. And the box is big enough to include at least one dehydrated Zombie. Just add water. On Region B Blu-ray from Second Sight.