Danza Macabra Volume Two 01/23/24

Severin Films
Blu-ray + one 4K Ultra HD

The Italian Gothic Collection. ¬†Charlie Largent takes on Severin’s challenging 8-disc compendium, featuring quattro terrificanti racconti dell’horror italiano! ¬†The refined lineup has ‘Jekyll,’ a 4.5-hour TV miniseries of surprising quality; Adolfo Celi in ‘They Have Changed Their Face,’ a political shocker interpreting capitalism in vampire terms; ‘The Devil’s Lover’ with Rosalba Neri and Edmond Purdum . . . and the new uncut restoration of Margheriti’s ‘Castle of Blood’ with Barbara Steele, in two language versions, and in 4K Ultra-HD as well. On Blu-ray (+ 4K Ultra HD) from Severin Films.