Columbia Noir #1 11/07/20

Powerhouse Indicator
Region B Blu-ray

Region B- Blu-ray capable noir fans have a formidable six-pack of noir crime pictures on tap: a WW2 espionage thriller, two caper pix and the show that launched the notion of a hit man who’s both charismatic and psychopathic. The list of leading actors is stellar as well: Glenn Ford, Kim Novak, Eli Wallach, Brian Keith, James Whitmore and Nina Foch. Do you like extras?  Like to read about the movies you see?   No video extra has been left behind, and PI’s big yellow box contains a 120-page book. Plus — several newly remastered Three Stooges shorts. Don’t forget, Noir and Stooges go together like sanity and American politics. Escape in the Fog, The Undercover Man, Drive a Crooked Road,
5 Against the House, The Garment Jungle, The Lineup. 
On Region B Blu-ray from Powerhouse Indicator.