Cobra Woman 12/31/19

KL Studio Classics

Charlie Largent approaches this High Kitsch classic with an open mind and an appreciative eye: the remastering of this wartime Technicolor hit is dazzling. Talent-challenged but curvaceous Maria Montez, a genuine cult figure, can’t act and certainly can’t dance — but she has what the GIs overseas wanted to see, and the censors let her show it. Jon Hall and Sabu aid and abet Robert Siodmak’s arrow-straight direction. The script is dreamlike, the dialogue ultra-campy; add an excellent music score and the film’s effect is actually quite pleasing. Membership in the Maria Montez cult fan club helps; I hope Charlie tells his story about when a festival screened five Montez trailers in a row. On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.