Castle of the Creeping Flesh 12/22/20

Severin Films

Adrian Hoven’s lead-up to Mark of the Devil looks like a blend between a Margheriti and a Franco — what with Janine Reynaud and Howard Vernon on board for sleazy sex and gruesome tortures… or was that sleazy tortures and gruesome sex? Severin can be depended on to deliver arcane horror in a quality package. This one was known in the Hardy Encyclopedia as Im Schloß der blutigen Begierde, but we’ll be quizzing readers on its other titles: Appointment with Lust, Castle of Bloody Lust, Castle of Lust, Castle of Unholy Desires and In the Castle of Bloody Lust. Charlie Largent will cut through the confusion — is the problem at hand Lust, or Creeping Flesh, or what exactly?  On Blu-rayfrom Severin Films.