Camille 06/03/23

The Warner Archive Collection

With a fine script, decent co-stars and sensitive direction, this fancy-dress production of the sad story of The Lady of the Camelias can boast Greta Garbo’s most accomplished romantic performance. The relative inexperience of young co-star Robert Taylor is actually a plus — it makes sense for Marguerite Gautier to be carried off in rapture by the impossibly handsome, gracious young man. Second acting honors go to Henry Daniell — his Baron de Varville really enjoys being a knave. The finale may be an improvement on the original — Garbo’s exit scene rates as one of the top tearjerkers in Hollywood history. A 1921 silent version is added as an extra, starring Alla Nazimova and Rudolph Valentino. On Blu-rayfrom The Warner Archive Collection.