Blood of the Vampire 05/25/21

Artus Films
All-region Blu-ray, PAL DVD

The man with eyebrows that can kill! ┬áNot really, but that’s the impression given by the poster illustration. The Baker/Berman producing team gave their Hammer/Terence Fisher imitation a lot of production trimmings — good color, autopsy-grade gore, female victims in low-cut gowns — but neither Jimmy Sangster’s script nor the flat direction bring it to life. Donald Wolfit is the resurrected mad doctor stealing transfusion blood and committing murders with the help of his deformed servant Victor Maddern; the show’s highlight is the strong performance from favorite scream queen Barbara Shelley. Artus’ fancy special edition is Region A friendly, although the DVD is PAL and all the extras are French-only. With Vincent Ball and Andrew Faulds. On Region-free Blu-ray + PAL DVD from Artus Films France.