Attack of the Crab Monsters 09/05/20

Scream Factory

Roger Corman began his boom year of 1957 with a marvelous bit of ‘way-out’ sci-fi — a ‘Tidal Wave of Terror’ no less. They don’t just attack with their claws, they beckon you from your bed with telepathic voices they’ve stolen from your colleagues: by EATING them, consuming their BRAINS, and acquiring their memories… it’s like life in Academia!  Pamela Duncan fills out a swimsuit, Richard Garland wears a nifty bandanna, and dependable Russell Johnson wishes he was inventing stuff for Gilligan instead of battling Crabbus Plexiglassus mutant giants. It’s prime monster movie history in a beautiful HD transfer — Shout!’s welcome Blu-ray will charm fans seeking prime ‘fifties monster nirvana. With a commentary hosted by Tom Weaver. On Blu-ray from Scream Factory.