A Time for Dying 02/26/22

Powerhouse Indicator
Region Free Blu-ray

It’s the final theatrical western of the legendary director Budd Boetticher, and he also wrote the screenplay! ¬† Ace cinematographer Lucien Ballard was behind the camera, and Audie Murphy produced and plays Jesse James! ¬†This disc release is a gift to die-hard western fans that want to see everything, but the film itself remains a mystery — oddly nihilistic and cruel, but also awkward, with amateurish acting, slack direction and a TV-movie appearance. The one gotta-see factor for completists is Victor Jory’s three scenes as Judge Roy Bean: he nails the sleazy, gross-out charm of the Texas threat to civilization, chewing the scenery like a pro. On Region Free Blu-ray from Powerhouse Indicator.