Merry Christmas !

Friday December 24, 2021


Hello, and a Merry Christmas to you . . .

Yes, we’re looking at some lazy days off here at CineSavant Central, but for fun I dug around a bit for holiday themed images. Just above is my Covid Beard, long gone now but fun to remember; it almost qualified for Santa Claus status. The tree is actually from two or three years ago, and the picture is a ZOOM composite. You don’t expect anything genuine or real around this page, I hope.

The general policy in our family is to not plaster each other’s photos on the web, which is why the cute Corgi features but not his owner. But I couldn’t resist my ‘older sister noir’ photo, a snapshot from maybe just before I was born, 1951 or so. I love the contrast of the holiday wreath with the stark shadow. B&W beauty in little saddle shoes.

Surely everyone remembers the motto, ‘If they come to your page give them something to look at, no matter what.’ ┬áIn the interest of fulfilling that pledge, here’s what I came up with.

See you Tuesday, perhaps … hope yours is a safe and secure holiday — !