Tuesday January 30, 2018



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The Amicus Collection
Severin Films

Charlie Largent reviews a choice Blu-ray box with four horrors from the house of Milton Subotsky and Max J. Rosenberg: Asylum, And Now the Screaming Starts and The Beast Must Die, plus a bonus disc with a wealth of special material. The stars include Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom, Britt Ekland, Patrick Magee, Stephanie Beacham, Calvin Lockhart, Michael Gambon and Charlotte Rampling; on Blu-ray from Severin Films.

Hi from far away … CineSavant hasn’t been chloroformed, but is operating with a skeleton crew and at long distance. To vendors, your discs are being watched and will be up in good time (the spice must flow!) I only wish I could post pictures from where I am and write up the usual frills and links.


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