CineSavant EXTRA Review

Thursday December 6, 2018


CineSavant ‘publishes’ an EXTRA REVIEW EDITION to get my evaluation of the new The Thing from Another World disc out as soon as possible. It’ll make it easier to catch the incoming wave of desirable pre-holiday releases. This way I can have WB’s Horror of Dracula review out for Saturday, and, if they come in, the late Criterion discs. UK reviewer Lee Broughton has been helping out with the rush, and TFH reviewer Charlie Largent will be contributing as well.

So this stripped-down post won’t have any news … Los Angeles has been hit today with an atypical rainstorm lasting more than an hour. Since Angelenos don’t know how to drive in bad weather, I’m glad to be working from home. In the words of Robert Mitchum, “It felt good to be in there!” … and he was talking about a nice, dry bungalow in Acapulco.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson