CineSavant Column

Tuesday January 8, 2019


I received a lot of reader thanks last time for the disc recall information for Universal’s Revenge of the Creature, but the trend doesn’t stop there. Long-time correspondent Wade Sowers responded with more disc replacement information that he received from Kino Lorber, for a disc on the The Outer Limits Season Two boxed set. Since the disc is popular with readers of CineSavant, I’ll repeat Kino’s announcement here:

The first disc with ‘Soldier’ has slightly distorted audio during ten minutes of the episode. We will be repressing this disc so that future pressings of The Outer Limits Season Two will have the corrected audio. If you have purchased a disc with the problematic audio and would like to receive a replacement, please do the following:

1.) Send an e-mail to

2.) Write ‘OUTER LIMITS Exchange’ in the Subject Line.

3.) In the body of the e-mail, provide your name and mailing address; and
indicate whether you purchased the DVD or Blu-ray edition.

It will likely be early 2019 when the replacement discs are mailed (due
to the manufacturing slow-down during the holiday season).

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support of Kino
Lorber Studio Classics.”

Sounds clear enough for me …

Upcoming disc news: Twilight Time has announced its four Blu-ray discs for March, and all of them are winners. On March 19 will debut John Ford’s hilarious Edward G. Robinson/Jean Arthur comedy The Whole Town’s Talking, Allan Dwan’s 1957 thriller The River’s Edge, Michael Anderson’s George Segal/Senta Berger spy tale The Quiller Memorandum and Jeremy Kagan’s The Big Fix. And don’t forget February’s special TT title, The Stanley Donen/Peter Cook & Dudley Moore comedy Bedazzled.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson