CineSavant Column

Saturday December 15, 2018


Cinesavant has a corollary to the adage ‘Great minds think alike:’ great correspondent’s minds are great to swipe from! Reader Rusty Conifer just wrote in, “I can never watch the scene in Brigadoon when Kelly magically returns to Brigadoon and Cyd Charisse flings open the cottage door and holds a couple of beats in silhouette, without thinking of James Arness’s door appearance in The Thing From Another World. Brilliant! I’ve already criticized ‘Digabroom’ far too much, but now I have to see the end of it again!

Esteemed correspondent Jonathan Gluckman sends in a BBC post written by Nicholas Barber about The Jurassic Park Film That Was Never Made … a John Sayles sequel “that featured armed, parachuting dinosaurs.”

Flicker Alley has announced a February 5 disc of the silent German 1929 Der Hund von Baskerville by Richard Oswald, that I’ve been told is very exciting — the Germans saw Sherlock Holmes as an action hero from the get-go. If the title isn’t familiar, it’s Beeg Dog from Basker Veel in Russian.

Arrow has something special arriving in March, a Blu of Robert Siodmak’s marvelous noir Phantom Lady.

Criterion has posted their March titles, and they’re all winners: Zemeckis and Gale’s I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Ingmar Bergman’s The Magic Flute, Harold Lloyd’s The Kid Brother, Carlos Reygadas’ Japón, Barbara Loden’s Wanda and Edgar G. Ulmer’s remastered Detour. The artist made the perfect choice for the I Wanna Hold Your Hand artwork, putting an image of the late, much-missed Wendie Jo Sperber front and center.

A personal note: I’d like very much to re-contact with John Sinnott. I hope that he reads this, or can be tipped off that I want to say hi. It’s a Dab in the Stark, as they say, and not exactly the caliber of a Christmas miracle wish, but we’re grateful for what we can get.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson