CineSavant Column

Tuesday December 11, 2018


A short notice today … notices for discs that I probably won’t have the opportunity to review. Severin is finally making an official release of the 1959 Baker-Berman Jack the Ripper, of which a few copies leaked out about a year and a half ago. It’s due halfway through January.

Scream Factory just announced The Plague of the Zombies, one of the better Hammer efforts; I’m interested in hearing one of its audio commentaries. Scream lists only Troy Howarth, but on Facebook Howarth said that Ted Newsom would be on his track as well. Ted long ago impressed me with his encyclopedic knowledge of all things Hammer, and his tracks for a couple of science fiction pictures directed by Val Guest are not to be missed.

Just in the door and very welcome are Kino’s The Last Command, The Black Windmill and The Atomic Cafe. I do have Criterion’s Sawdust and Tinsel reviewed today, and we’re working up a review for True Stories as well.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson