CineSavant Column

Saturday February 17, 2018


Nice news from Criterion: their May Blu-ray titles include Schlesinger’s Midnight Cowboy, Borzage’s Moonrise, Bresson’s Au hasard Balthazar and Schrader’s Mishima.

Universal (gasp) is releasing some vintage titles in Blu: The List of Adrian Messenger and Wood’s For Whom the Bell Tolls are coming in March, and De Mille’s 1934 Cleopatra arrives in April.

VCI has announced Steve Barkett’s The Aftermath and yet another edition of City of the Dead (Horror Hotel); we’ll be curious to learn what prompted the new go-round.

Twilight Time has four ‘hot’ pictures for April: Demy’s The Model Shop, Auto Focus, Ritt’s No Down Payment and the teen pregnancy epic Blue Denim — with music by Bernard Herrmann.

And Kino has a date for its 3-D disc of William Cameron Menzies’ The Maze: April 24.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson