CineSavant Column

Saturday November 3, 2018


Credit fellow Scandinavian Gary Teetzel for steering us to this — an HD promo for a UK new recording of Mario Nascimbene’s music score to The Vikings, at this The Vikings Youtube URL. The images of the Prague recording session look and sound great … I especially enjoy the choral effects. My kids loved this show, but I had to explain to them that the Vikings were mostly Danes and Norwegians. my Swedish ancestors probably spent their time milking cows … very clean, high quality cows, mind you.

And Kino has let slip their future release forecast, which has quite a few desirable titles. I have to be careful because the dates sometimes change, which confuses my review scheduling. Here are the films that grabbed my attention off the top: December 4: The Puppet Masters, The Black Windmill, The Revolt of the Slaves; December 11: Female on the Beach, Foxfire, The Last Command; January 2: The Appaloosa, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, The Bounty, The Scarlet Letter, Washington Square; January 8: What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?; February 5: Charly, Kotch, Zachariah, February 12: The Midnight Man, Desert Fury, Naked Alibi, A Bill of Divorcement; March 5: For a Few Dollars More, Bend of the River, Thunder Bay; March 12: Far From Heaven, The Tarnished Angels; March 19: Jivaro 3-D, Road to Singapore, Road to Zanzibar, Road to Morocco, Road to Utopia; April 2 Becky Sharp, The Bigamist, The Hitch-Hiker, Not Wanted, The Landlord; April 9: The Land Unknown.

And the photos just above hail from Tokeka, Kansas, where correspondent and good friend Bill Shaffer helps run a number of film series and special screenings year ’round. The poster is last week’s gala screening of the 1925 The Lost World in their Silents at the Cathedral series. Bill tells me that Willis O’Brien’s silent masterpiece played to a packed audience. The nice lady in the dinosaur costume greeted the attendees and directed traffic in the parking lot. I think her costume compares fairly well to the anemic ‘Tyrannosaurus’ in 1957’s The Land Unknown.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson