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Tuesday March 26, 2024



Just last Saturday we reviewed one of the disc sets pictured above — now Dick Dinman offers his latest podcast on the same subject …

The newest DVD Classics Corner On the Air show reaches deep into Dick Dinman’s audio archives for conversations he had about Edward G. Robinson with stars Karl Malden, Kathleen Hughes, Gena Rowlands, and Margaret O’Brien, all of whom have worked with the famed actor. It’s a Kino Lorber tie-in, to accompany new releases of Robinson’s films Scarlet Street, Vice Squad, Black Tuesday and Nightmare.

The podcast, up for listening, is

4 Stars Salute Screen Legend Edward G. Robinson.


On the evening of April 22, producer Arnold Leibovit is presenting a smash George Pal double bill at a terrific venue: The historic Village Theater in Westwood. The Village Theater recently made big show-biz news, having been purchased by an élite group of Hollywood personalities. The landmark theater was one of the first big buildings in Westwood, back when one saw only empty fields between Wilshire Blvd. and the brand-new quad buildings at the brand-new UCLA.

Arnold has been restoring and promoting George Pal’s Puppetoons for decades. The April 22 event will premiere ten Technicolor Puppetoon restorations. They will be followed by a terrific opportunity to experience a giant state-of-the-art screening of the 4K restoration of Pal’s 1953 sci-fi masterpiece The War of the Worlds. At the Village Theater, that classic alien invasion thriller is going to be Big and Loud.

Scheduled for attendance are Liebovit, actress Ann Robinson and director Joe Dante. Full details are available at a Sci-fi Biz web page,

The War of the Worlds + George Pal Puppetoons.
Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson