CineSavant Column

Tuesday February 13, 2018


I’m doing my best to keep writing — I’m less jet-lagged from my journey than I am exhausted … but I did lose five pounds and I intend to keep them off. My aged body could do the climbing and hiking and sort-of keep up with the young’uns, which shows me that there will be rewards if I continue to get the exercise I need.

Fellow reviewer Charlie Largent forwards a new ‘NZ Pete’ article — make that a lengthy article, entitled Forgotten Gems of Visual Effects Part Nine – When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. It’s been assembled with help from Jim Danforth’s digital book, and also discusses Hammer effects in general.

The ever-watchful Gary Teetzel sends us to a Letter from Christopher Lee to Vincent Price, up on eBay from Vincent’s estate. It’s pretty entertaining.

And the folks at Indicator, the UK disc boutique, tell me that their Hammer Volume 2: Criminal Intent disc box (Cash on Demand, Never Take Sweets from a Stranger, The Full Treatment, The Snorkel) is on the way, along with Stanley Kramer’s star-studded Ship of Fools.

Happy Valentine’s day — it’s also my Anniversary! — Glenn Erickson