CineSavant Column

Tuesday October 2, 2018


Reliable, long-standing associate and all around good guy Dick Dinman reports that he has two new audio shows up and ready to be heard, each a talk with The Warner Archive’s George Feltenstein about a recent release. Surviving The Last Hunt likely centers on star Robert Taylor, a Dinman favorite. It’s one of the best of Taylor’s later pictures. Going Home from the Hill is the latest Vincente Minnelli release; the WAC seems to be hitting them all, so the question is, will the next be Some Came Running or The Courtship of Eddie’s Father? I’ve recently reviewed both pictures as well: Home from the Hill on August 4, and The Last Hunt on August 18.

And Gary Teetzel brought another link to my attention … Peter Jackson has been busy putting 100 year-old World War One footage through a digital car wash, for a commemorative feature called They Shall Not Grow Old. The few shots we see are really remarkable. My guess is that they’re from original untouched sources in the British War Museum… at least, they cannot be the creaky over-duped shots that predominate in older documentaries. The War Museum keeps millions of feet of film footage never seen; years ago the feature Overlord was constructed that utilized reams of interesting film shot in the days before the Normandy invasion. That link is for a trailer.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson