CineSavant Column

Tuesday October 17, 2023




We’re getting to that time where readers are asking for Halloween disc suggestions. That’s of course exactly our present concentration, what with these discs in house and being written up, expected shortly, or already reviewed:

Tombs of the Blind Dead,  Beast from Haunted Cave &  Ski Troop Attack,  Don’t Look Now 4K,  Salem’s Lot,  Tod Browning’s Freaks,  The Unknown,  The Mystic,  Paramount Scares 4K: Rosemary’s Baby,  Pet Sematary,  Crawl,  Smile,  ‘mystery feature’,  The Others,  Giant Gila Monster &  The Killer Shrews,  The Devil-Doll,  World of Giants,  Cujo 4K,  Black Sabbath,  It! The Terror from Beyond Space,  The Quatermass Xperiment.

But for fun, and to see all the box tops lined up again, we put together this  stack of horror-fantasy discs we reviewed since September 2021 . . . you can’t keep up with them all. They link to CineSavant reviews.

Wow, all those desirable titles constitute just two years’ worth of horror & sci-fi disc releases. Devotees of the fantastic can’t complain, as it’s an incredible wealth of matinee wonder and Halloween malarkey.



Correspondent Chuck Shillingford send in this odd Youtube encoding of an entire feature, a not-bad re-evocation of old Universal horror pix. It was filmed in 2009 and has been up a year, but it certainly feels connected to the Halloween theme.

The show is called The House of the Wolf Man, and the visuals and music score are really impressive — they got a lot of the look and the sound right. The makeup is certainly professional, and so is the action climax. I liked very much the scenes I checked out.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson