CineSavant Column

Tuesday October 3, 2023



Deep into his retirement years, the marvelous Ray Harryhausen got to take a well-deserved victory lap or two, soaking up the adulation of his fans. That makes it doubly good that everyone’s favorite independent filmmaking legend Roger Corman is getting the same kind of recognition, earning well-deserved accolades.

Reporting on the producer-director’s appearance at a Beyond Fest special screening, Variety reporter J. Kim Murphy describes an overwhelming fan response. Roger Corman spoke before a sell-out crowd, in a post-screening talk with six of his most accomplished acolyte directors and producers:

Roger Corman Gets a Hero’s Welcome
At 97 years of age, the man looks almost unreasonably healthy and hearty . . . more power to him, we say.



And here’s another happy announcement for fans of mystery films noted for ‘falling between the cracks’ …

Milestone Film and Video’s new newsletter announces that they’ve located and 4K-restored Nancy Savoca’s long-missing mini-masterpiece Household Saints.

After re-premiere theatrical bookings it’s slated for disc release by Kino Lorber. As Milestone says,

“Nancy Savoca’s magical and mysterious 1993 feature film has been unavailable for many years — it has never been released on videodisc. So we were thrilled to be able to help create this glowing new 4K restoration, which debuts October 7 and 11 at the 61st New York Film Festival.”

The fascinating little drama stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Tracey Ullman and ‘the luminous’ Lili Taylor as Teresa. We saw it just once on a not-so-hot cablecast, were enchanted, and can’t wait to see it ‘for real.’ ¬†As we’re fond of saying, Milestone Film and Video comes through once again.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson