CineSavant Column

Saturday September 30, 2023



First Off — the big talk this week is the Theatrical IMAX reissue of Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense — all I’m hearing are rave reviews from friends & others who found it sensational fun.  Oh, to go to a movie and really get rattled again by a transformative experience, wouldn’t that be something. . .

Right — the first Column Item:  Correspondent Michael McQuarrie comes through with an old TV docu of interest, the BBC’s hour-long 1977 piece profiling actor-director Clint Eastwood. It covers the man and his career with plenty of star interviews. Special input comes from all people, Pauline Kael.

The film clips stress Eastwood shooting down one villain after another, with plenty of spokes-folk offering opinions on screen violence, and the actor’s responses. It’s from 16mm and the audio track feels pitched a bit high. For a title theme, they use Clint singing from Paint Your Wagon.

It’s The Man with No Name and it’s no cheap round-up of a career . . . they sent a film crew to Clint’s home in the California town of Carmel, where nine years later he’d run for mayor.

The hosting page is Rarefilmm: the cave of forgotten films.  The color is pretty sad but the show is well constructed.



And correspondent Michael Ryan turned us on to this music video by The Damned, from a release called Darkadelic, apparently released last April.

The video portion tells a somewhat familiar story, with interesting imagery . . . they’ve even parodied the old Universal globe logo. We realize that this qualifies as Old News . . . don’t worry, we’ll always be here with the latest news, four or five months after the fact.

The Damned The Invisible Man official music video.


Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson