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Tuesday September 26, 2023



In concert with our review today of Westward the Women, Dick Dinman of DVD Classics Corner on the Air has up a new radio show, in which Dick discusses the Warner Archive’s new disc with William Wellman Jr.:

The Restoration of Westward the Women

Dick Dinman is a major fan of the work of Robert Taylor, and with a bit of arm twisting made me a believer as well. And Westward is one of Taylor’s best pictures.


Next up, just added to our ever-growing list of completely unneccessary movie tie-in songs, is this innocuous 45 found online by Gary Teetzel, who reminds us of the ‘Disco Star Wars’ tune that got a LOT of radio play back in 1976.

Alien theme by Nostromo isn’t much, but the jacket is nice. Gary finds it odd that this ‘Disco’ piece was adapted from a theme barely heard in the film — the two pieces of music that most prominently utilized this theme, Jerry Goldsmith’s original main and end title cues — were discarded.



And this article is getting a lot of circulation … from a site called The Reprobate: ‘difficult ideas for different times,’ it mainly shapes up as a review of the 1964 horror film starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. I think the interest for horror fans is in the background of Amicus Films’ writer-producer Milton Subotsky.

The article is entitled And Your Card Is… Death!  The History of Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors. The author is David Flint.

A frustrating experience with Hammer Films seems to have been Subotsky’s motivation for turning from pop musicals to omnibus horror pictures. Of course, the review of Dr. Terror’s you really want to read is Here — it’s a very early CineSavant post at Trailers from Hell.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson