CineSavant Column

Saturday August 5, 2023



Curator and Puppetoon expert Arnold Leibovit says a new collection of George Pal Puppetoons is on the way; we’re told that we should shortly be able to review The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3.

Until a few years ago many of Pal’s Hollywood-produced Puppetoon short subjects were not well preserved — but they remain charming favorites in the low-tech, high-creativity arena of stop-motion animation. Mr. Leibovit has made a mini-career out of seeing them returned to a viewable state. We’ve examined his previous Blu-ray releases, Volume 1 (2013) and Volume Two (2020).



Advisor Gary Teetzel is always prowling online for special music items, especially when related to the movies. His latest find (of something first posted 12 years ago) is a bit of classic Miklos Rozsa orchestral bombast:
Miklos Rozsa personally conducts a suite for Ben Hur.

It’s taken from a 1979 PBS show . . . we may have posted it before but are told that this is a better encoding.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson