CineSavant Column

Tuesday August 1, 2023



The new DVD Classics Corner on the Air podcast sees Dick Dinman and his guest David Del Valle discussing Kino Lorber’s Film Noir Collections.

So far there are 15 Kino Noir sets with the “Film Noir, The Dark Side of Cinema” subheading . . . Dick and David each choose three titles each to discuss. They also get in some enthusiastic chatter about the new Robot Monster 3D release, the “best movie ever made at a cost of sixteen thousand dollars.”



Contributor Ian Whittle, just for the sake of completeness, throws in this Belinda Carlisle Music Video for a song called ‘Do You Feel Like I Feel? ┬áIt appears to come from 1991.

The odd element is that the music video includes some ratty film clips edited in from, of all things, Gorgo. For a time (?) the movie seems to have been treated as if it were in the Public Domain. I think clips from Gorgo also appear on a TV set in the Robin Williams movie Flubber (1997) . . . or was that Casper (1995)?

The music video mainly reminds me of how awful Gorgo once looked, before the latest remaster.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson