CineSavant Column

Saturday September 8, 2018


We’re back in business, disc-wise, with the new arrivals The Virgin Soldiers, Scenes from a Marriage, Big Wednesday, Looker, The Farmer’s Daughter and Queen of Outer Space to wade into. Promised and upcoming are Good Times, The Trip to Bountiful, Andrei Rublev, The Last Hurrah, The Other Side of Midnight, The Bravados, The Swarm, The Cyclops and in 3-D, Sangaree.

Powerhouse Indicator just announced Age of Consent, Charlie Bubbles, Georgy Girl and The Wrong Box as upcoming titles; I haven’t seen Charlie Bubbles but am a fan of all the rest.

And — It looks like there’s a possibility of very good news concerning the problems a week ago with the new Universal Legends release of Revenge of the Creature on 3-D and 2-D. Universal put out an email through which purchasers of the Legacy Collection, or the super-release with all the Legacy Collections, can receive a remastered disc of Revenge of the Creature/The Creature Walks Among Us with Revenge supposedly encoded at full HD, depth and flat versions alike.

It sounds too good to be true, and when it happens I’ll be first to shout Universal’s praises. As has been proven before, disc consumers respond enthusiastically when treated well, and Uni has released its share of terrific, fan-sensitive library titles.

I got an email back assigning me an Inquiry # and letting me know that replacement discs will be ready in a few weeks. The notice is out there on the web; if you can’t find it write me and I’ll be happy to forward Universal’s replacement offer.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson