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Saturday May 13, 2023



Many thanks to correspondent Chuck Shillingford for this fun link . . . the Internet marketplace sometimes reminds me of the incredible toy shop windows when I was a kid, when it seemed like every store was a treasure trove of goodies.

Whattaya know, it’s pair of Mysterians, technically speaking a ‘Mysterian action figure’ and a ‘Mysterian Chief Commander,’ each six inches tall. The prices are steep enough for me to remain a window shopper, but they do look cute. When kids were little I got to take them to see the movie in a theater . . . My ten-year-old daughter took one look at the Mysterian space pirates and said the title should have been Attack of the Parakeet People.  I mean, what other reason do people need for having kids?

These pictures belong to a site called Amoktime which sells a variety of products. What amused us mostly is a page of Toho and Daiei- licensed items by BanDai:

Amoktime Godzilla Page

I note the page is actually an eclectic mess of items, some of which have access issues. The scroll continues quite a ways . . . A $60.00 Varan the Indigestible caught my eye, but of course when you read the small print, the desirable items say ‘not available in the U.S.’  Some listings also shy away from giving exact dimensions, or any clue at all as to scale. That is how I once ended up with a 4.5-inch model of Atragon, that could have been a prize in a box of corn flakes.

Actually, the Paul Blaisdell monster at the top of this CineSavant post is there too, if you peek at the Amoktime Sci-fi entry : It! The Terror from Beyond Space. The little toy even has Ray Corrigan’s big pink chin.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson