CineSavant Column

Saturday May 6, 2023

Hello . . .

Well, we’ve got welcome news. Scott MacQueen informs me that the Ignite disc release of Invaders from Mars has won big in the Rondo Awards, reaping both the BEST DISC and BEST RESTORATION prizes, and coming in second for BEST EXTRAS.

The competition was strong and worthy but we like the way this turned out … Invaders from Mars was a difficult and costly restoration job, and Ignite’s Jan Willem Jansen gave it the full push instead of settling for a compromise in quality. It was a case of personal commitment, and we hope that Mr. Jansen, Mr. MacQueen and all of their associates know we realize that. We’re the beneficiaries.



Next . . . more from the “Oh, There’s a Cryin’ Need for That!” Department.

Yes, more silliness from the feverish mind of consultant, advisor and dependable alibi-for-cash friend Gary Teetzel:

At last, the Godzilla collectible we’ve all been waiting for!  Just when you thought they couldn’t come up with anything new to slap a Godzilla sticker on, I present to you . . . . the official, licensed Godzilla hockey puck!

‘The Original G’ Limited Edition Hockey Puck.

This limited edition, official collaboration puck is a perfect addition to your growing Godzilla collection. An exclusive collectible made in limited numbers, each puck comes with its own protective case to keep it in perfect condition.  Better order today, as it’s a limited edition.  They make excellent furniture coasters, just buy four (no discount).

This is part of a ‘puckhcky’ line of Godzilla-themed hockey merchandise, because when you think of Godzilla you naturally think of winter sports. (Personally, I am eagerly awaiting an official Godzilla curling stone.) The full line of hockey streetwear featuring hockey jerseys, t-shirts, flannels, hoodies, hockey pucks, and more:

The Godzilla ‘Puck Hcky’ Collection.

Frankly, I think the hockey jersey looks good, just don’t know where I’d wear it. It’s too expensive to wear casually.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson