CineSavant Column

Tuesday September 4, 2018


After our scrape last week scratching our heads at the side-by-side 3-D images in Revenge of the Creature, Gary Teetzel started to wonder if some online videos designed for VR headsets would work on a 3-D TV. And the answer is Yes, Most will. Gary says,

“Use your smart 3-D TV to go on YouTube. Do a search for ‘Virtual Reality SBS.’ You’ll find a ton of stuff you can watch in 3-D using the ‘3-D side-by-side’ setting on the TV remote. Almost all are demo videos for VR systems or games. The game samples sometimes don’t work too well; I can’t get the images to converge. Also, my TV seemed unable to correctly handle 360-degree videos. The YouTube channel ‘3D n’ Play’ had several of the best. Try these and have fun:

3D Insane Effects

3D Demo Compilation

VR Video Pop Out Effect Video!

World’s Best 3D POP OUT Effects EVER, Part 1

Cmoar Roller Coaster

Galapagos Islands 3D HD Virtual Reality Experience

Over at Trailers from Hell Brian Trenchard-Smith comments on the trailer for James Clavell’s The Last Valley, an excellent epic that I was lucky to see in 70mm when new and always thought very intelligent. The only disc out is of really mediocre quality… I have it somewhere upstairs…

And fans of James Whale will want to peek in at John McElwee’s Greenbriar Picture Shows for September 3 — he has a detailed run-down with photos on the James Whale picture that hardest to see, 1930’s Journey’s End with Colin Clive and David Manners. It’s reportedly as important a film about WW1 trench warfare, as the same year’s All Quiet on the Western Front.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson