CineSavant Column

Saturday April 29, 2023


A typical odd / interesting / worthwhile link from key advisor Gary Teetzel, originally posted on the very helpful Classic Horror Film Board:

This link to a 1951 newsreel opens with a brief story about actor Jean Hersholt, then shifts over to a story about a blood drive being held on the Universal lot. We see a few glimpses of the front entrance and the back lot as it looked in ’51, and then someone in a Frankenstein mask is used to introduce the blood donation story.

Producers’ Library Footage

The library copy reads in part: ” … moving pov left side past Universal International studios – good shot – backlot shots – Frankfenstein c/s attempts to stab nurse – campy or comedy – he stops and they talk and walk away – he lays on bed and gives blood – war blood drive.”

If there’s anything confidential or top secret in this film, keep it under your hat, or give it to the Air National Guard.
Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson