CineSavant Column

Tuesday February 7, 2023



Not a lot happening at CineSavant Central, which is GOOD news. But I bumped into a couple of fun links to share. At a place called Filmsite Tim Dirks has collected various groupings of title screens, fairly sharp and accurate (I note that When Worlds Collide is from a trailer).

The screen grabs are not very large but they line up well, arrayed by year, and alphabetically within a given year. That’s how I once organized DVDs, until the volume became untenable.

The page is called Movie Title Screens Sci-Fi Creature Features of the 1950s. Filmsite’s home page is here.

Are there other pages with elaborate Screen Cap title frame grabs of our favorite genre films?



It’s a link from the past, but I just encountered it again and am impressed by how perfectly it all fits together. It’s even better than another favorite, a somewhat older mix & match video joke that confects a 007-Ghidrah Mash-up.

Krishna Shenoi put this one together eight years ago . . . it’s a fantastic, happy Alternate Ending for Alfonso CuarĂ³n’s Gravity. The funny thing is that little or no digital futzing was needed to make the joke work — the shots appear to be exactly what’s in each show.

CineSavant’s original review for Gravity is here. A follow-up disc in 3-D Blu-ray is still a favorite.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson