CineSavant Column

Tuesday January 10, 2023


Hello — what column?

No excuses personally, but the rain has had us jumpin’ around here, and I’m cutting the Column Short because time just plain ran out.  We’ve been spared, locally, the flooding that’s hit most of the California coast, and are fortunate that trees falling, etc., hasn’t cut off our power.

Frankly I’m just happy that the roof is solid and the drain pump is working for the back yard — we just aren’t accustomed to having real weather here, I guess.

I’ll save some good Column entries for Saturday.  Charlie Largent says he’s making good progress on his review of The Avengers box — I think he’s watching a majority of the episodes. Now excuse me, I’d better proofread the reviews I’ve already posted one more time.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson