CineSavant Column

Saturday December 24, 2022



Call it brain fog, call it taking it easy — but no reviews for this Christmas Eve. Instead we get to play Blogger and just forward some humble Xmas-themed photos … just what’s on my mind — mostly decorations, pastry goodies and nonsense. It’ll definitely get me in the mood. My family has a social media pact not to post People Pictures, so you miss out on the cute babies, etc. However, I always have permission to post pics of my daughter’s doggie.


This is an older photo. We’re still Pandemically Aligned, so our visitors are limited. Luckily, #1 son swept through for a few days and helped me reorganize my work area, set up a nice microphone, recycle some ancient computers, etc..  So no sad stories here.



Christmas is a time to remember all the fabulous
baked goodies of previous years, even if we can’t eat the way we once did.

The daughter is the artistic baker — that’s a killer
carrot cake just below, and I know I’ve
posted the images of the cute dino cookies.

These projects end up being so elaborate that it
seems wrong to eat the things, for a minute anyway.

I didn’t want to make the images too big, but most of
them enlarge or zoom, like the gingerbread house on the right.




I like what we end up with for a mantel display. The ‘Fozzie’ head is part of a homemade kid costume from long ago; Santa Gorgo is on the right and many of the little Spanish figurines were inherited from a dear friend, a language teacher.


Most of the Spanish figurines are just little citizens, with the clump of Peruvian musicians in the manger as a centerpiece. The little fútbol player has a special place this year, for the World Cup.


Yes, this does drift into movie references. There are ‘local lights’ in Hollywood that seem to shine with the holidays. This Paramount doorway decoration is on Gower Street a few blocks from CineSavant Central. When they last fixed it up I took photos. Sixty years or so ago, it was the main doorway for RKO studios; photos are easy to find online.


I think that this image of a Godzilla Christmas lights display was forwarded by Gary Teetzel a few years back.


Here’s a better shot of Santa Gorgo, no apologies.


And as promised, here’s the new press release photo of the daughter’s aforementioned beloved doggie, this year’s official holiday pose. Never was a more pleasant pooch.


Why is this foolish picture here?  I’ve been a little concerned about Earthquakes this week, after reading reports of small tremors all around the Pacific Rim, and then after Northern California was hit by that big one a few days back. I was a witness to the ’71 and ’94 quakes, both of which were serious tragedies for Los Angeles. 28 years of relative calm later, it really feels like we’re due for a big one, maybe even The Big One.


But optimism reigns. Dagwood Bumstead substitute Ward Douglas nails a Christmas wreath on the door of his beach house, knowing that all will be well. California houses never fall into the ocean. But just try getting fire insurance if you live up in the hills somewhere .


Thanks for your patience & Happy Holidays!  I heard that some people have already received their Invaders from Mars discs. I should have a new review or two on Tuesday — Glenn Erickson