CineSavant Column

Saturday December 17, 2022



Hope you’re lucky enough to have an enjoyable holiday plan in store!  We have one family member flying in this year for a few days so it’ll be big fun here. We even decorated. My daughter’s ‘Gort Christmas’ decoration is up, this six-foot felt-and-jingle-bells banner.

Don’t know if I’ll be skipping a post this week or not … I am very lucky to have the personal time to do this website. Maybe I’ll just repeat my usual collage of holiday images in the Erickson Burrow. (A reference from an old Gary Larson The Far Side cartoon.)



And what kind of holiday could it be without Glass Wax?   Partner in quality reviewing Charlie Largent brings us this great moment from the sterling career of George Fenneman, to brighten our lives with a special product: Glass Wax Winter Wonderland.

Actually, the product doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Although I knew kids who would take advantage of it for ‘holiday graffiti.’

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson